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Break the 40 Meters barrier in confidence.

Technical Diving is the diving beyond the recreational limits and includes one or more of the following:

Diving beyond 40 Meters;

Staged / accelerated decompression;

Overhead environment beyond 40 M linear from the surface;

Overhead environment in total darkness;

Use of variable gas mixtures / Helium;

Solo diving.


Complete SafeAir User (CSU Level 2) – ANDI® Complete SafeAir User course expands the material introduced in the Limited SafeAir Diver course. Those completing this course are certified to use all SafeAir® (Nitrox) mixtures up to 100% (pure oxygen). This course is a prerequisite for all ANDI® technical training. The depth limit is 40 Meters.

Technical SafeAir Diver (TSD Level 3) – Technical SafeAir Diver is the first ANDI® program to cover the specific information and skills necessary to perform stage-stop required, “technical” decompression diving while minimizing the associated risk factors. The depth limit is 40 Meters.

Solo Diver (SOD Level 3) – The ANDI solo diver course will prepare you for the eventuality of loosing your buddy and getting into trouble when being alone. The course is also useful for photographers that insist to be alone during their dives for specific reasons, providing useful knowledge and skills to manage problems and how to configure the equipment for the dives. The depth limit is 40 Meters.

Technical TriMix (TTM Level 3) – ANDI® Technical TriMix course expands on the applications and procedures of the TSD course by introducing the use of Helium (minimum of 16%). The depth limit is 50 Meters.

Extended Range Diver (ERD Level 4) – ANDI® Extended Range Diver program is designed to bridge the gap between the advanced / decompression diver and the deep explorer. The ERD program is a diving oriented course with extensive practical diving included. The depth limit is 60 Meters.


IANTD® – TECHNICAL COURSES – https://iantd.com/index.php/en-us/courses/iantd-tek-lite-technical-diving