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Sidemounting is an excellent experience as a different style of diving. It offers easy trim and position in the water and less weight to carry. Many Cave and Wreck divers use this style of diving because of easier negotiation of narrow restrictions.

ANDI® offers advanced OW training on sidemount configuration – a perfect solution for those who would like to expand their underwater diving skills, but have physical problems carrying the weight on the back.

ANDI® Advanced Sidemount Diver Level 2 programme has as prerequisites a minimum of Advanced Open Water or SaferAir Diver. Maximum diving depth is 40 Meters, non-decompression.

ANDI@ Technical Sidemount Diver Level 3 programme advances at the previous learned skills, but allows 3 cylinders in order to have a decompression gas available on top of the SafeAir bottom gas. The maximum depth is 40 Meters and the deco runtime increases to 30 minutes.

ANDI® Technical Trimix Sidemount Diver Level 3 programme switches from SafeAir to Normoxic Trimix as bottom gas. 4 cylinders and 2 gases are allowed. Maximum diving depth is 50 Meters with a maximum deco runtime of 45 minutes.