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ANDI® and IANTD® Divemaster is a leadership certification that may be earned at all diving levels, from recreational to technical.

The Divemaster plays an important role in a Dive Center. His task may vary enormously depending on the type of Dive Center with specific logistics and the customers of the same.

A Divemaster is not only a good diver at his specific level and able to support an instructor during training, the divemaster is also able to organize, support and guide customers safely during diving, solve timely small problems, keep an eye on safety, is customer friendly, is able to provide first aid if needed and more.

The internship programme requires the candidate to participate on all the diving activities of the Center, being part of the Team. There will be a continuous evaluation of the displayed professionalism throughout the course.

The minimum time for completing the internship is 4 weeks, however it is strongly recommended for the candidate to allocate a little more time for a practical experience as consistent as possible, this being necessary to gain confidence in working with student divers and certified divers and to take on seriously the responsibilities of a dive leader.

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